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The Documentary That Captivated the World and Changed One Girl's Life Forever

In 2021, a documentary was produced as part of the BORN DIFFERENT series, which featured individuals facing unique challenges. The documentary, titled "My Neck Is Stuck At 90 Degrees," told the story of Afsheen, a young girl suffering from a severe neck injury. The production was a collaboration between Black Production Films and Barcroft Studios, a UK-based company.

Due to financial difficulties, Afsheen's family could not afford the operation required to treat her injury. The documentary gained significant attention and was viewed by over a million people, resulting in many individuals coming forward to offer their assistance. One such individual was Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan, a doctor from India who generously offered to operate on Afsheen free of charge. The expenses for her flight and stay were covered by an online fundraiser campaign supported by many people from around the world. The operation was successful, and Afsheen now lives a healthy, normal life in Thar, Sindh, Pakistan.

The story of Afsheen exemplifies the power of storytelling, as it raised awareness about her situation and generated support from individuals worldwide. The documentary can be accessed via the following link:

Director: Syed Zeshan Ahmed

Producers: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote

DOP : Imran Mughal

Production Manager: Fahad Iqbal

Editor: Alex Saunders

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